Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks SAYS.my!

hello readers!

i think, it has been a long time i have not written any post since the last one which is on June 11. So, here i am.. going to write about something that i think all of you should know about. It is all about my journey with SAYS.my..

For your information, i have been with SAYS.my for about 7 months since i started blogging the end of december last year.. and until now.. i'm still loyal to them and always will be because they are so awesome. It is the only one who i love so much after NUFFNANG. Both of them are sources of my side income so far. That's why i will never switch to another companies.

Here.. i'm gonna show you the proofs that will make you all believe of it.

one of my says.my badges!
above is one of my badges collections and if i'm not mistaken, it is called Ninja badge. In order to get it, you must accomplish a certain mission that required you to do something. Besides that, in that picture also showed my rewards that i already have in my says.my's account.. I nearly jumped out of my skin when i noticed it has reached MYR90!

By the way, getting MYR 91.20 is worth it.. :D and  I wish not to cash it out yet because i still have some bucks in my wallet.. :)

sila click jika suka.. tq Kongsi beritahu rakan di facebook!

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