Friday, April 15, 2011

7 tips to improve your IQ

1. Playing strategy type games and computer games. By having to think and plan ahead you exercise your brain.

2. Using a Nintendo DS game like Dr Kawashima's Brain Training, Big Brain Academy, Sight Training, or others.

3. Practicing IQ test puzzles. You can buy books of IQ test puzzles.

4. Taking brain supplements. There are many brain nutrition supplements that you could take to support mental functioning.

5. Learn to meditate. Meditation is the study of the mind.

6. Play sports that require good hand-eye co-ordination. Squash, tennis, ping pong, handball, basketball, juggling

7. Emulate smart people. If you want to know how to improve your IQ, look at people who are smarter, brighter and cleverer than you and notice what they do differently to you. And then copy it!!

source : facebook
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syairahmohdanuar said... Reply To This Comment

haha.nice tips! >.<

abe Celoteh said... Reply To This Comment

oh yeke.. kalau ada tips2 menarik, share lah dgn abe celoteh.. boleh kita kongsikan kat sini.. ni pun sumber dari facebook.. sape yang tahu sourcenya, sila lah beritahu abe celoteh, untuk diberikan kredit.. tq syairah :D