Saturday, June 04, 2011

My Earnings So Far With Nuffnang.. It's Like Whoaa!

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for your information, i have been with nuffnang for quite some time and i'll never wish to quit and switch to other advertising companies even though i fit the minimum requirements that required by certain companies such as innity, google adsense and many more because nuffnang have never neglected me since i was newbie in blogging. Nuffnang treats all the bloggers whose have been registered under them equally just the same, either he/she is a famous blogger or not. This may sounds like i'm paid for this post, but actually it is a reallity.

Taking too much is not important. Now, i show you the proofs to open your eyes and widen your perspectives of Nuffnang actually. The amount is may be just a little for certain people but for me, it's more than enough because blogging is one of my hobbies too, sharing the ideas, tips, news and everything that i do like. At least I can spare my free time wisely writting something in this blog rather than facebooking, twittering all the time and ended up with nothing like the proverb says half a loaf is better than none.

Yes. I admit that staring 24 hours in front of laptops, notebooks, HP Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tabs or even iPads (i wish to have it one) and have a chat with former friends, family members and all of the millions-listed-friends at the left side of your facebook page is very good because it will strengthen your relationships for sure. But, it's also depends of what you are taking and discussing about. If you think it is necessary and the topics can lighten up your life, just proceed it, but if it does not, feel free to move your mouse and do click the red-crossed-button at very upright of the page.

Last but not least, i'm so grateful for being rewarded by nuffnang so far and of course it'll boost my spirit to keep blogging. Chill!

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