Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tagline Company Terkemuka di Dunia

Taglines and brands of major companies 

ABN AMRO Bank - Making More Possible 
Accenture - High Performance. Delivered 
Adobe - Simplicity at work. Better by adobe. 

AIG or American International Group Insurance Company - We know Money 
AirAsia - Now Everyone Can Fly 
Air Canada - A breath of Fresh Air 

Allianz Group - The Power on your side 
AMAZON.COM - Earth's Biggest BookStore 
ANDHRA BANK - "Much more to do, with YOU in focus." 
Apple Macintosh - Think Different. 
ARCELOR - Steel solutions for a better world 
AT&T - The World's Networking Company 
Bank of America - Higher Standards 
Bank of Baroda - India's International Bank 
BANK OF RAJASTHAN - Dare to Dream 
Barclays - Fluent in Finance; Its our business to know your business 
Be Fearless. - SYMANTEC 
BIG BAZAAR - Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga 
BIOCON - The difference lies in our DNA 
BLOGGER.COM - Push Button Publishing 
BLOOMINGDALES - Like no other store in the world 
BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine 
BOEING - Forever new Frontiers 
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) - The Edge is Efficiency 
BPCL - Pure for Sure 
British airways - The Way to Fly. 
British Petroleum - Beyond Petroleum 
BUSINESS INDIA - The Magazine of the Corporate World 
BUSINESS TODAY - For Managing Tomorrow 
BUSINESS WORLD - Play the Game 
Caring for life - CIPLA 
CAST AWAY - "At the edge of the world, his journey begins " 
CEAT - Born Tough 
CENTRAL - Shop. Eat. Celebrate 
CHEVROLET AVEO - When Good is not good enough. 
Chevron Corporation - Human Energy 
CHIP - Intelligent Computing 
Choose Freedom - TOSHIBA 
CITIGROUP or CITIBANK - The Citi Never Sleeps 
CNBC - Profit from it 
COMPTRON and GREAVES - Everyday Solutions 
Dell - Easy as DELL. 
Deutsche Bank - A Passion to Perform 
DIGIT - Your Technology Navigator 
DR. REDDY'S LABORATORIES - ÿLife. Research. Hope 
DUPONT - The Miracles of Science 
EBAY - The World's Online Market Place 
EPSON - Exceed Your Vision 
Ernst and Young - Quality in Everything we Do 
Essar corp - A positive attitude 
Exxon Mobil - Taking on the World's Toughest Energy Challenges 
FIAT - Driven by Passion. FIAT 
FORD - Built for the Road Ahead 
GAIL - Gas and Beyond 
GM - Only GM. 
HAIER - Inspired Living 
HINDUSTAN TIMES - The Name India trusts for News 
HOME DEPOT - You can do it. We can Help. 
HONDA - The Power of Dreams 
HP Invent - Everything is Possible 
HSBC - The World's Local Bank 
HYUNDAI - Drive Your Way 
IBM - " I think, therefore IBM." 
IBP - Pure bhi. Poora bhi 
Infosys - " Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values; Improve your odds with Infosys Predictability" 
Intel - Intel inside. 
IOCL - Bringing Energy to Life 
Jet Airways - The Joy of Flying 
JVC - The Perfect Experience 
Kingfisher Airlines - Fly the good times 
KMART - The stuff of life. 
Kotak - Think Investments. Think Kotak. 
KROGER - Costs less to get more 
LARSEN and TOUBRO - We make things which make India proud 
LEE - The jeans that built America 
Lehman Brothers - Where Vision Gets Built 
LENOVO - We are building a new technology company. 
Life's Good - LG 
Lufthansa - There's no better to fly 
Macromedia - What the web can be. 
Malaysia Airlines - Malaysian Hospitality 
Malaysian Airlines - Going Beyond Expectations 
Master card - There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's MASTERCARD. 
Max NewYork Life Insurance - Your Partner for life 
McDowells Signature - The New Sign of Success. 
METRO - The spirit of Commerce 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or Metlife. - Have You Met Life Today 
Microsoft - Where Do You Want to Go Today ; Your Potential Our Passion 
MITTAL STEEL - Shaping the future of steel - Never Settle 
MRF - Tyres with Muscle 
NASDAQ - Stock market for the digital world 
NDTV Profit - News you can Use. 
NIKE - Just Do It 
NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) - The world puts its stock in us 
ONGC - Making Tomorrow Brighter 
PHILLIPS - Sense and Simplicity 
Prudential Insurance Company - Growing and Protecting your wealth 
Reliance industries Limited - Growth is Life 
Sahara - Emotionally yours. 
SAMSUNG - Everyone's Invited or Its hard to Imagine 
SANSUI - Born in Japan Entertaining The World 
SBI DEBIT CARD - Welcome to a Cashless World. 
Servo - 100 % Performance. Everytime. 
Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) - Tomorrow Market's Today. 
SKODA - Obsessed with Quality since 1897. 
SONY - Like. No. Other. 
Speed - High Performance Petrol 
Standard Chartered Bank - Your Right Partner 
Standard Insurance Company Limited. - Positively Different. 
Star Sports - We know your game 
Sun Microsystems - The Network is the Computer 
SUZLON ENERGY - Powering a Greener Tomorrow. 
TATA MOTORS - Even More Car per Car 
TCS - Experience Certainty 
TESCO - Every Little Helps 
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH - Read a Bestseller everyday 
THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW - Where will you be 
THE ECONOMIC TIMES - The Power of Knowledge 
The Indian EXPRESS - Journalism of Courage 
TIMESJOBS.COM - " If you have a reason, we have the job " 
TITANIC - Collide With Destiny. 
TOYOTA - Touch The Perfection 
Toyota Innova - All you Desire. 
UBS - You and Us 
Union Bank of India - Good People to Bank with 
VIDEOCON - The Indian Multinational 
VIZAG STEEL - Pride of Steel 
VOLKSWAGEN - Drivers wanted 
Visa - Life Takes Visa 
WALMART - Always low prices. Always. 
Windows XP - Do More with Less 
WIPRO - Applying Thought

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